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    • B&P Blog – Streaming FAVE? October 8, 2018
      YOUR Streaming Fave? The network shows are still premiering, but your favorite streaming services have a ton to offer too.  As it gets cooler heading into Fall and Winter, we flock to our devices for binge-watching newly discovered shows or old favorites.  What’s your CURRENT favorite streaming show on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.? I’m a […]
    • Billy & Patrick’s “On The Water” July 20, 2018
      “ON THE WATER” info and links for July 21 & 22 Shasta Dam Tours are free 6 times per day!  Head to the Shasta Dam Visitor’s Center or get more info at The “Reach Higher Trail Challenge” is on at Lassen Park.  Three hikes equals a free gift from Lassen Park!  Learn more at […]
    • Billy & Patrick’s “ON THE WATER” July 13, 2018
      “ON THE WATER” Info and links from  07/13 and 07/14 –   Yurt rentals are available on Lake Shasta.  No more sleeping on the ground! – FREE Paddleboard Classes on Whiskeytown Lake – Fri-Mon at 1:30pm – Must be 10 years or older, and minors need adult accompaniment. 90 minute class includes Paddleboard, paddle, and […]
    • What color is YOUR bedroom? July 11, 2018
      A new study suggests the color of your bedroom walls affects your sleep…Want a GOOD night’s sleep? Use these color guidelines from Travelodge: BLUE = Restful, calm, soothing – Think ocean and sky… YELLOW = Warmth, comfort, and relaxation – Warm tones of yellow are best… GREEN = Nature, at ease, restful – Trees or […]
    • Northstate Fireworks! July 3, 2018
      JULY 3 Anderson Explodes at Shasta District Fairgrounds – Gates open at 4pm – Parking is $4, event entry is free for William Michael Morgan Concert(7:30pm) and FIREWORKS(10pm, with music simulcast on Q97).  The 4H/FFA Barbecue and auto racing (6pm) are separate charges. Weaverville Chamber of Commerce Fireworks – 10pm Chico Heat Baseball at Nettleton […]
    • Billy and Patrick Say Happy 4th June 29, 2018
    • Happy National Pineapple Day June 27, 2018
      Today is National Pineapple Day! You can even get shoes made from pineapple plant fiber(Hugo Boss) Here are some fun Pineapple facts: -Pineapples regenerate! You can plant a pineapple top to grow your own… -Pineapples contain the bromelain enzyme which can break down proteins, so you can use them to tenderize meat. -Bromelain is also […]
    • Say again? June 13, 2018
      Most Mispronounced Places in the U.S. Nevada – It’s  NUH VAD UH, not NUH VOD UH  Mobile, Alabama – It’s MO-BEEL Worcester, Massachusetts – WUSS-TER is correct La Jolla, California – LA HOY UH  Detroit is not DUH-TROIT, it’s DEE-TROIT Boise, Idaho – Locals say BOY SEE instead of BOY ZEE Mackinac Island, Michigan is actually […]
    • B&P Food Fun April 18, 2018
      This week’s crazy food news…   – Try a Tarantula Burger at Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, North Carolina. They host “Exotic Meat Month” every April, and this month is tarantula meat.  $30 gets you a pasture-raised NC beef burger, gruyere cheese, oven-roasted tarantula, spicy chili sauce, and a side of fries.  Only 4 […]
    • Easter Candy Poll March 30, 2018