Say again?

Most Mispronounced Places in the U.S.

Nevada – It’s  NUH VAD UH, not NUH VOD UH 

Mobile, Alabama – It’s MO-BEEL

Worcester, Massachusetts – WUSS-TER is correct

La Jolla, California – LA HOY UH 

Detroit is not DUH-TROIT, it’s DEE-TROIT

Boise, Idaho – Locals say BOY SEE instead of BOY ZEE

Mackinac Island, Michigan is actually MACK UH NAW

Prescott, Arizona is pronounced PRESS-KIT, not PRESS-COT

Oregon is NOT ORR-UH-GONE, it’s ORR-UH-GIN (Rhymes with begin)

There are SO many, and a whole bunch of local towns here in the Northstate

that are mispronounced all the time(Artois, Los Molinos).  Can you think of a few?